Students at The Acting Place are required to read Uta Hagen's classic, "Respect for Acting," and "Fearless Living" by Rhonda Britten. Both books are available from our Bookstore, along with other suggested readings. Go ahead and browse and shop. Sorry, but you'll have to provide your own coffee or favorite beverage! Get started learning about acting today and get yourself to class soon! Remember, acting takes action!

How To Change Your Life
In 30 Days
by Rhonda Britten

Respect For Acting
by Uta Hagen

A Challenge For The Actor by Uta Hagen

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Fearless Living
by Rhonda Britten

Fearless Living
by Rhonda Britten

Fearless Loving
by Rhonda Britten

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Act Now!
by Peter Jazinowski

Acting For The Camera
by Tony Barr

Acting In Film
by Michael Caine

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Acting Is Everything
by Judy Kerr

Acting, The First
Six Lessons

Actors On Acting
(Great Conversations)

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An Actor Prepares (Stanislovki)

Building A Character (Stanislovski)

Creating a Role (Stanislovski)

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Stanislovki System (Summarized)

by Michael Shurtleff

Casting Director Encyclopedia

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Getting The Part
By 33 Casting Directors

Hollywood Creative Directory

How To Audition
by Gordon Hunt

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How To Get The Part Without Falling Apart

A Practical Handbook
For The Actor

99 Film Scenes
for Actors

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On The Technique Of Acting by Michael Chekov

To The Actor
by Michael Checkov

Sanford Meisner on Meisner Technique

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Stella Adler on
The Art of Acting

Directing Actors For Film and TV by Judith Weston

The Film Director's Intuition/Judith Weston

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12-Step Plan to Becoming An Actor

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