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Beginner's Acting Workshop

If you want to act but don’t where to start this is the class designed for you. As the portal to further training at The Acting Place, this safe, fun, foundational class you will set your imagination in motion while teaching you techniques to help overcome stage fright and self-consciousness. You will loosen up further with theatre games, learn beginning improvisation and be introduced to script work.

Workshop Schedule:
One Saturday Per Month (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

Come in a beginner and leave with the confidence that will carry you into the into the world of the working actor. Dates for upcoming Workshops are listed under Pick-A-Date below! Classes are limited to 12 students, so you will want to Act Now!

Price: $99.00

“This is a must-take course! Every beginner should start with this class. In fact, it should be a requirement!"S. Wilson (booked a lead role in a pilot two days upon completion of workshop)

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