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My name is Charlotte Gray, and I began acting at age 5 and continued for the next 12 years until I unexpectedly developed a paralyzing case of stage fright. After trying various career paths, including working as an assistant to television producers/writers on such hit shows as “TAXI,” “MASH,” “DALLAS,” and “ANYTHING BUT LOVE,” I learned all the angles of the business. Although these jobs held excitement and challenge, I found nothing that inspired me as much as my original passion for acting. I went back to working in front of the camera for a period of time while committing myself to serious study for the next five years, working with some of the top teachers in Los Angeles. I tried different techniques and found that not one, but a combination of applied theory, is what allowed me to bring forth my best work. My professional training as an adult was exciting, wonderfully complex and absolutely transformational. I began to fulfill my life’s dream as an actress while simultaneously discovering other areas of my life were opening up.

Actors must play truth – their truth. The process one goes through as an actor to find that truth spills into your personal life. I found the experience exhilarating and I wanted to find a way to offer the process to all people – actors and non-actors. From those roots, I put together the workshop, Acting for Bashful Beginners and Non-Actors five years ago. That workshop was an instant success and led to the development of the full acting program offered at The Acting Place today. The results of these classes have been astounding and most rewarding for me and for my students.

Today I am a busy single mother of 12-year-old twin daughters. My life is very full, and my passion for acting is expressed through my teaching, and, as a personal Life and Career Coach. I specialize in showing people how to take the life they have and make it the life they want!

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Charlotte Gray, Director

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