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Bootcamp Schedule




Bootcamp Schedule


If you have been to Bootcamp and missed any weeks, please check below to see the class(es) you missed and schedule your make-up(s). If there are any classes you wish to repeat, you may do so, with advanced permission from the teacher. E-mail or call to schedule your attendance. The schedule is subject to change, so it is important that you keep checking back to accurately plan your makeup classes. Do not just show up. You must let your instructor know in advance that you will be attending a class.

Tuesday Evenings: 7:30 - 10:30 p.m.

01/13/04    Relaxation and Relationship

01/20/04    Character Development

01/27/04    Sense Memory

02/03/04    Script Breakdown and Analysis

02/10/04    Imagination/Affective Memory

02/17/04    Elements Needed In Every Scene

02/24/04    Moment-To-Moment

03/02/04    On-Camera Cold Reading

03/08/04    No Class Tonight!

03/16/04    Relaxation and Relationship

03/23/04    Character Development

03/30/04    Sense Memory

04/06/04    Script Breakdown and Analysis

04/13/04    Imagination/Affective Memory

04/20/04    Elements Needed In Every Scene

04/27/04    Moment-to-Moment

05/04/04    On-Camera Cold Reading

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