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Why Study at The Acting Place?

“Outstanding Training – Personal Development – Fast Growth”

  • Have you arrived in Hollywood full of motivation and ambition to become an actor and lack training or experience?
  • Are you seeking “A Safe and Nurturing Environment Where You Can Expect To Be Treated With Dignity and Respect!”?
  • Have you had some training and are still not booking those auditions and you want to strengthen your technique and your confidence?
  • Did you start out to be an actor and life’s demands took you down another road and now you want to explore your passion and see how to fit it into your life?
  • Are you a professional restricted because you suffer from social anxiety and experience stage fright?
  • Are you a business professional who has achieved success in your career and have a yearning for a creative outlet?
  • Yesterday’s gone… Today is here… Act Now! Do it for YOU!
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